My Perfect Pet Hotel

Animal Doctor Simulator Game

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Ever dreamed of running your own vet hotel? Start from the ground up in this fun and fast-paced time-management game, My Perfect Hotel Pet Doctor Edition, where the aim is to build a veterinary empire and demonstrate your dedication to animal care. Show your skills as a pet doctor, invest wisely in staff and hotel improvements, and work your socks off to become a veterinary tycoon in this addictive and entertaining casual simulator.


🐾 Climb to the top: Start the game as a simple vet tech, cleaning kennels, greeting pet owners at reception, collecting payments and tips, and keeping the treatment rooms stocked with supplies. As your bank balance expands, upgrade facilities and hire new staff to help keep up with the growing demand at My Perfect Hotel the Pet Hotel and Vet Doctor Edition, Your patients may be resting comfortably, but there’s no time to rest for a determined veterinary tycoon.

🐕 Build an empire: There are several hotels to explore and expand, each with dozens of unique upgrades to make before you reach five-star perfection. Open hotels in the city, in beautiful suburbs, and deep in the tranquillity of a rural setting. Demonstrate your competence as a pet doctor outlets rush in each location, then get promoted to a new and bigger property, and continue your path to becoming a true veterinary tycoon. Each hotel has its own style and atmosphere too.And Don’t forget to keep your burger please requests and pizza ready.

🔑 Keep going: If you want success in this high-stakes industry, you can’t just stroll around your hotel at a leisurely pace. Upgrade your and your employees’ movement speed to work faster and provide your patients with all the care they need ASAP—it’ll boost your revenue too. Make My Perfect Hotel Animal Doctor Version, the best in the business. And Don’t forget to keep your burger please requests and pizza ready.

💰 Amenities are the answer: Maximize profits and get more funds to invest in this fun simulator by ensuring your clinics have all available amenities. Treatment rooms are the first step, but work hard and you’ll soon have the opportunity to add grooming stations, pet boutiques, and even pet spas to your properties. Pet owners will pay extra for each facility, boosting your revenue. Though remember each facility also needs staffing, so get hiring or you’ll soon be run off your feet with angry clients left waiting for each service. Can you handle the outlets rush?

👔 Human resources: It also takes work to run each facility: treatment rooms must be stocked with supplies, pet owners must be granted access to the grooming stations, customers in the boutique need to be served, and at the pet spa, you need to ensure a constant supply of clean towels and tidy stations. You won’t have time to do it all yourself, so hire new staff, or you’ll soon have angry clients left waiting. Keep the pizza ready for your hardworking team!

🎀 Grand designs: Upgrade your hotel to improve patients’ and pet owners’ experience and choose from a range of different designs in each location. In this engaging simulator, you’re not just a pet doctor, you’re an interior designer too!


Do you like animal games where you can treat cat, dog, turtle and much more in the animal hospital and vet? this animal game is the best for you. Looking for a time-management game that’s original, simple to play, and provides endless hours of entertainment? Dive straight into the fast-paced world of veterinary care and develop your skills as a manager, investor, and designer in My Perfect Hotel, With elements from popular hotel games and the engaging excitement of running a happy hospital, this game has it all. Don’t forget to keep your burger please requests in check and manage your outlets rush efficiently to make your hospital the best it can be!