Stop The Spread!

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With the continuing impact of pandemics on humanity through rapid infection.. your mission in STOP THE SPREAD! will be to confront a virus that spreads very quickly by accomplishing your tasks accurately and professionally by immunizing yourself and protecting it from infection, as well as ridding others of this virus..

You should always strive to obtain and change masks continuously while maintaining a social distance from infected people, as this will enable you to stay healthy. By obtaining suitable sanitizers, you will also be able to spray the infected people and rid them of the virus.

When you complete more tasks, you will be able to obtain additional benefits that support you in the upcoming tasks..

Be careful, the tasks have to be completed in a specific time, or else you have to start over.

STOP THE SPREAD! is not just a game..
In addition to being an interesting and enjoyable game, it will also make you have an instinctive sense to deal well with the existing pandemics and likely to appear in your normal life, which makes you always safe.

Enjoy and benefit from STOP THE SPREAD! ..
Good Luck!